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university in dallas, texas. i would argue i am your biggest supporter. >> please, no fighting. >> do you enjoy court ever get tired of being the liberals number one target? >> the last 48 hours, i have been their number one target again. the latest by that is going on, i sit on the intelligence committee. there are 19 of us and we deal with the nation's classified secrets. something that has been clear under the obama administration is that there has been influence from the brought -- from the muslim brotherhood. we are raising questions of the inspector general to look into it. two weeks ago, the state department violated federal law. it granted a visa to a member of a foreign terrorist organization from egypt. we listened on our state department website. our state department broke federal law and granted a visa and brought a foreign terrorist into the united states. not only did they bring this terrorist into the united states, they took him to the white house. he had a meeting with the national security council. you do not get any higher than the national security council when dealing
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)